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Reselling Excess Parts
Reselling Excess Parts
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Cofactr has partnered with several brokers and resale marketplaces to help you resell excess inventory that you may have and no longer need.

How to Resell with Cofactr

Step 1 - Establish Your Resale Strategy

Before you can begin reselling your excess inventory, you'll need to establish a resale strategy with our team, so we can route your parts to the optimal resale partner. We offer two approaches that you can choose from:

Maximize Return

If you choose to maximize return, we will post your parts with a resale marketplace partner and set a target price at the high end of the probable resale price range. It may take several weeks or longer for your parts to sell, but if they do sell, they will be at a higher price.

Maximize Speed

If you choose to maximize speed, we'll attempt to sell all of your parts at once via a bulk transaction with a broker in our network. This will be at a lower price but can be completed in as little as a few weeks.

Before requesting that parts be resold via the Cofactr platform, please email [email protected] or contact us via the in-platform chat box to specify which of these two strategies you would like to use.

Step 2 - Send Your Stock to Cofactr

We only support reselling inventory that is stored at Cofactr. If your inventory is already in storage at Cofactr, no action is required. Otherwise, please follow the instructions here to ship your stock to Cofactr. Please note that our standard receiving and storage fees will apply per your contract.

Step 3 - Request Resale

Navigate to your Stock Lots within the Cofactr platform.

Select the ones you would like to resell.

Click the resell parts icon that looks like a little shop.

Step 4 - Get Paid

Once your parts sell, we will apply a credit to your Cofactr account for the amount that we receive from the sale, minus a 10% service fee. Standard kitting & shipping fees, when applicable, will be applied to your monthly bill. Credits on your Cofactr account will automatically be applied to future Cofactr invoices, or you can request a disbursement of your balance at any time by contacting [email protected]


Will my parts sell?

Higher value chips and connectors will likely be able to sell, particularly if they are in limited supply via authorized channels, have a date code in the past few years, and are a higher quantity lot. Low-value passives typically will not sell, or will not sell for much. Parts with very old date codes or no original manufacturer packaging will have a harder time selling. It will be easier to sell parts when there is a full reel or other higher quantity than if there are just a few of a given part. Finally, parts that are in limited supply will be much more likely to sell at an attractive price point than parts that are readily available via authorized distributors.

How much will I get for my parts?

Depending on a variety of factors, somewhere in the range of 10-50% of their price through authorized distributors is typical. If the part is high value and in shortage conditions, it's possible you could get a return that's higher than 100% of their price through authorized distributors.

What happens if my parts don't sell?

Your parts will remain in your storage at Cofactr until they sell or you choose to do something different with them. You can always request free e-waste recycling via the Cofactr platform.

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