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How do I get my stock of electronic parts to Cofactr?
How do I get my stock of electronic parts to Cofactr?
Shipping parts to Cofactr to enter into your Cofactr inventory
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You can always send all electronic parts stock to Cofactr for counting and storage at Cofactr. As of April 2023, we've improved this process by enabling you to:

  1. add a tracking number to your shipments to Cofactr facilities so that you no longer have to also email Cofactr your tracking number

  2. Please note: for all stock lots already in your Cofactr system, you can add the stock lots to the shipment, to avoid Cofactr creating duplicate stock lock records upon receiving the shipment at our facility

As always, to ship to Cofactr send materials to:

Cofactr Inc.

Attn: Receiving

630 Flushing Ave, Floor 5

Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone: 332-373-2227

Once received the parts will be x-ray parts counted and added to your Cofactr inventory located in the Inventory app of the platform. Your parts will be inventoried with two views; Part Stock and Stock Lots. You can view your parts be part type (the total number of any individual part that you have) or by stock lots (the individually packaged parts you have).


First, navigate to the Kitting & Shipping App and select "+ New Shipment". If you are sending parts to a Cofactr facility from a facility that is not leveraging the Cofactr Warehouse App, select the "Other Shipment" workflow.

When you hit "Save" you'll see the Draft of your shipment in the Kitting & Shipping App. To add Stock Lots, you can open your upcoming shipment and then add Stock Lots already in your Cofactr system.

When you're ready to ship, navigate back to your shipment draft and select "Mark as shipped."

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