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Managing shipping addresses and stock locations
Managing shipping addresses and stock locations
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Note: Addresses Have Been Deprecated

Address functionality has been deprecated and combined with the new, more flexible, Stock Locations. Address data is temporarily remaining visible for reference during this transition, but all future shipments must use Stock Locations.

Stock Locations

In the Cofactr platform, a Stock Location represents a real-world physical place where inventory can be shipped and stored. We will automatically generate Locations for your inventory stored at Cofactr, and you can create your own locations by navigating to Inventory > Locations.

Location Types & Relationships

There are multiple types of locations in Cofactr, such as facility and shelf, that represent their real-world equivalents. Locations can also be nested within each other by setting one location as the Parent Location of another location.


The most important type of Stock Location is the Facility type. Facilities unlock a set of additional properties that can be used for creating Shipments in the Inventory module and Production Runs in the Production module.

When you select Facility as the Location Type, the following fields will appear:

  • Address fields: This is where shipments sent to this stock location will be addressed.

  • Notification email: This is the email that will be sent to the courier (UPS, FedEx, etc) for shipments being sent to this stock location.

  • Consume stock toggle: This toggle controls what happens to stock lots that are sent to this stock location using a Shipment in Cofactr. If this toggle is set to the Off position, stock lots sent to this location will just move to this location within the Cofactr platform and their quantity will stay the same. This is useful if you actually store stock at this location or you expect them to return much of the stock sent to them back to Cofactr (or another location). If this toggle is set to the On position, stock lots sent to this location will be adjusted to a quantity of 0 as soon as they ship. This is useful if this location is an assembly location that will be using all of the parts sent to them.

  • Manufacturer toggle: Turning this toggle to the On position tells Cofactr that this location is a PCBA facility and reveals an additional set of preferences that are used by the Production Runs module to automatically prepare stock lots sent to this facility based on their packaging and prep requirements.

There is one other type of reference to addresses and locations in Cofactr. The Final Destination Stock Location. You can learn more about them HERE.

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