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How do I manage my parts within Cofactr?
What is a Final Destination Stock Location?
What is a Final Destination Stock Location?
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A Final Destination Stock Location is where the parts terminate. It's where manufacturing happens or where the parts will live forever.

Cofactr uses the Final Destination Stock Location to calculate tariffs, specifically temporary import bonds. For example, if you're manufacturing in China, but will be stocking parts for 6 months with Cofactr, then you'd add your Chinese manufacturer as the Final Destination Stock Location, so that Cofactr can add a temporary import bond, saving you money on tariffs that you'd have to pay if the manufacturing was happening in the United States.

Since all parts pass through Cofactr's warehouse in the United States, knowing where the parts end up can save you a lot of money by not having to pay import tariffs while your parts are being received, kitted, and then shipped to your manufacturer.

If your manufacturer is in the United States or if the parts will be stored in the United States more than a year a temporary import bond can't be applied and you'll have to pay tariffs for any parts shipped into the United States that were purchased from foreign distributors.

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