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How does Cofactr manage MSL parts?
How does Cofactr manage MSL parts?
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At Receiving

We check the MSL indicated on the stock lot label when we receive it and record that on the stock lot record.

If the part is packaged per J-STD-033 in a sealed and labeled vapor barrier ESD bag with a tracking label, moisture indicator card that hasn't been tripped, and desiccant, we will record the remaining floor life in the system.

If the part comes in an open bag, the bag seal looks in any way questionable, the desiccant is missing or damaged, the moisture indicator card is tripped, damaged, or not J-STD-033 compliant, and/or the tracking label is incomplete, missing, or not J-STD-033 compliant, we assume the stock lot hasn't been handled properly and that it needs a bake.

If the part has been packaged and tracked properly but has anything less than its full floor life remaining, the system will also automatically route it for an MSL reset bake.

MSL Reset Bakes​

MSL reset bakes are conducted following J-STD-033 using a 40C <1% humidity baking dry cabinet.

This slow, low-temperature bake ensures that the part is fully baked without damaging heat-sensitive packaging such as cut tape.

We factor in the part MSL rating, the nature of the packaging, and the thickness of the part package, which we measure with calipers, to calculate the bake time per the J-STD-033 tables and track the bake start and end times via the Cofactr platform.

The oven itself is instrumented with a data logger and alarm systems, so we have an audit trail to show that it remained within the target temp and relative humidity range throughout the bake.

Once the bake is complete, the stock lot is vacuum sealed in a vapor barrier ESD bag with a fresh desiccant pouch and fresh humidity indicator card, and the floor life is updated in the system.

What Happens Next​

If we have to open the bag for any reason, such as splitting off some of the stock to ship at your request, we re-vacuum-seal both the original and split lots in vapor barrier ESD bags with fresh desiccant pouches and fresh humidity indicator cards. To be safe, we also treat any bag opening as 1hr of floor life exposure and update that in the system accordingly, even though it is typically only a minute or two.

MSL parts are always labeled with their MSL rating on the Cofactr stock lot label, and we also apply a Caution/tracking label per J-STD-033 that includes the date the package was sealed, remaining floor life, MSL level, etc

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