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How do I buy parts with Cofactr?
How can I get my negotiated pricing into Cofactr?
How can I get my negotiated pricing into Cofactr?
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If you have received blanket negotiated pricing on one or more parts from a distributor, you may be able to authorize Cofactr to buy using that pricing on your behalf. This allows you to leverage your preferential supplier pricing, but keep the convenience of purchasing via 1-Click buy in Cofactr.


  1. End User Authorization: If you haven't already completed an End User Authorization form, please complete one here:

  2. Confirm with Supplier: Not all suppliers will allow us to leverage preferential pricing on your behalf. Please send your assigned sales representative a request to permit Cofactr to purchase against this quote for you. A sample email is provided below.

  3. Send Cofactr the Quote: Forward the quote to [email protected]. We will configure it in your account within 1 business day.

Sample Email


{your company name here} uses a service called Cofactr to manage our parts procurement. I would like them to be able to purchase {MPN of part} under the terms of quote {number of quote you received}. Can I introduce you to them so they can make purchases on my behalf?


{Your Name}

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