Creating custom parts

Upload or create your custom parts in the Cofactr platform

Written by Dilly Sanborn-Marsh
Updated over a week ago

You can now create your own parts within the Cofactr platform!

To create a custom part, start by searching for a part in any of the following four places:

  • In the Part Search App

  • In any dialog that includes a Part selector such as Create Stock Lot, Add BOM Line, etc

  • In the Receive view of the Warehouse App

  • By uploading a BOM with a part that does not match any parts in our database

Cofactr will ask you to create a Custom Part and fill out details about this particular part.

What can custom parts be used for today?

  • Custom parts can be added to BOMs and part lists

  • Custom parts can be used to create Stock Lots

  • Stock Lots of a custom part can be used the same way that all other Stock Lots can be used, including in Kitting & Shipping and Production Runs,

  • Quote Requests can be created for a custom part. If the part is from a major manufacturer, we will be able to handle these Quote Requests. If the part is truly custom, like a specific bare board, we may not be able to process that Quote Request

Do I have access to custom parts?

Custom parts are currently available with the following plans:

  • Cofactr Platform - Build

  • Cofactr Platform - Scale

  • Cofactr Platform - Custom

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