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Cofactr Printer Host

Setup and troubleshooting for the Cofactr Printer Host desktop client

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Setup Instructions

  1. Configure your printer(s) according to their manufacturers' instructions

    1. For Zebra printers, ensure that all print settings, such as label size and feed properties, have been set correctly

    2. Contact [email protected] for assistance configuring or troubleshooting label printers

  2. Install the Cofactr Printer Host desktop application on a computer with access to the printers

    1. If you are installing the Cofactr Printer Host on a multi-tenant machine (specifically, with more than one logged-in user), it is best to install it as a Windows Service.

  3. Login to the Cofactr Printer Host. The login credentials will NOT be the same as your Cofactr account login credentials. Cofactr support will securely provide you with an organization-wide set of Cofactr Printer Host credentials.

  4. Ensure that the Cofactr Printer Host desktop application is configured to run when your computer starts.

  5. When you have completed steps 1-4:

    1. Send an email to [email protected] with the following information for each printer:

      1. Label stock size that you have installed in the printer

      2. What the printer is named. Refer to the Printer settings in Windows/OSX or within the Cofactr Printer Host to determine this information

      3. The name of the Stock Location that the printer is physically located in. This may just be your facility's stock location if you haven't set up specific workstations within Cofactr

      4. What you would like this printer to be named within the Cofactr platform. This can be anything you would find informative such as "Receiving Desk 3x2"

    2. Once we receive this information from you, we will provision the printer into your account within 1 business day.

    3. If you need to add, remove, or modify printers in the future, you can always contact Cofactr support and we would be happy to update your configuration for you

Don't Forget

Printers will only be able to connect to the Cofactr servers if they are connected to a computer that is actively running Cofactr Printer Host. If the connected computer is turned off, asleep, or not running Cofactr Printer Host, printing will fail.

Pro Tip

All of your devices will be able to access any printer within the same facility, even if the printer is not physically connected to that device. You can run Cofactr Printer Host on a single computer, connect one or more printers to that computer, and access those printers from multiple workstations. Computers that are exclusively used to run Cofactr Printer Host will not count towards your Warehouse App device count for licensing/billing purposes.

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