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How do I use Cofactr to manage my Warehouse?
Supported Hardware for Warehouse Management System
Supported Hardware for Warehouse Management System

This article covers supported barcode scanners, printers, and more for Cofactr's Warehouse app.

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Barcode Scanners


The Cofactr Warehouse App requires scanners to have the following configuration:

  • ~ character at the start and end of each scan string

  • No return or other punctuation at the end of each scan string

  • <GS> replacing the Group Separator (ASCII 29) character

In theory, any scanner that supports these configuration options should work.

We only test and officially support Zebra scanners that support configuration through Zebra 123Scan or Zebra StageNow.





Supports Scanning Cofactr Labels

Supports Scanning Distributor Labels










TC21 (SE4710)


For lower-cost, lower-volume scanning applications, we recommend the Zebra DS2208. If you will be regularly scanning distributor barcodes, such as at a materials-receiving workstation, we highly recommend upgrading to the Zebra DS8108 or DS8178 (wireless variant). In our testing, the DS8108/DS8178 has a much faster scan speed and a lower rate of incorrect scans when scanning dense labels with multiple barcodes or damaged barcodes.

Scanner Configuration

If you are using one of our Tested & Supported scanners, we can provide a pre-configured Zebra 123Scan file that you can load on the scanner yourself. We can also sell you pre-configured scanners that will work out of the box, or you can send existing scanners to us to be provisioned and tested. Please contact [email protected] for configuration files or preconfigured scanners.

Counterfeit Zebra Warning

We have seen multiple instances of "Zebra" scanners being sold on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Newegg, and Ebay that are priced much lower than normal and are not, in fact, authentic Zebra scanners. They typically will not properly connect to 123Scan and cannot be correctly configured to work with Cofactr.

We strongly recommend purchasing all Zebra scanners through an authorized Zebra dealer such as Cofactr.

Printers & Labels

Label Printer Requirements

The Cofactr Warehouse App supports all USB Zebra printers that support Zebra ZPL II firmware. This covers most Zebra direct thermal and thermal transfer printers manufactured in the last several years.

Label Printer Recommendations

We recommend the ZD621 Direct Thermal printer with a Peeler attachment for most low-to-mid-volume label printing applications.

We recommend the ZT231 thermal printer with a peeler option for most high-volume label printing applications.

We recommend the ZD621 Direct Thermal printer with a Cutter attachment for 4x6 shipping labels.

Label Recommendations

By default, we support 3"x2" direct thermal labels for Stock Lot, Shipment/Kit Line, Shipment, and Stock Location labels. We buy ours from Uline, but any Zebra-compatible black-on-white direct thermal label will work fine. Other label sizes are supported for custom label designs.

Other Printers

We support any standard 8.5"x11" printer for printing packing slips and customs documentation as long as you can print to it from your computer via USB (recommended) or local network.

Custom label templates of any Zebra-supported size are available as a paid upgrade for the Warehouse app. If you have specific label design requirements or wish to use a different label size for some or all of your labeling applications, please contact [email protected]

Host Computer

All printers must be connected via USB (recommended) or local network to an internet-connected computer running the Cofactr Printer Host. This is a desktop application that supports Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux (including Raspberry Pi) and allows local printers to securely connect to the Cofactr servers so that they can be managed and used through the Cofactr platform. Cofactr Printer Host can be run on the same computer used to access the Warehouse App, but there is no requirement that the same computer is used. Any Warehouse App device can access any Cofactr Printer Host connected printer.

Desktop Computers

The desktop version of the Warehouse App supports any computer running a recent version of Google Chrome or an equivalent modern browser.

Currently, the only supported display resolution for the desktop version of the Warehouse App is 1920x1080. The user interface may not display correctly on smaller or larger displays.

A touchscreen is not required, but using one will increase your operator efficiency.

We recommend the following touchscreen monitors:

  • Dell P2418HT

  • Elo 2002L

  • Elo 2202L

  • Elo 2270L

  • Elo 2402L

  • Elo 2470L

Mobile Computers

Currently, the mobile version of the Warehouse App is fully supported by the Zebra TC21 or TC26 Touch Computer with SE4710 Scanning Imager. Other mobile computers that use a Zebra Scanning Imager are likely compatible as well. Please contact [email protected] to request an evaluation of other hardware options.

If you are using the mobile Warehouse App, we will provide you with pre-configured, Cofactr-managed devices or work with your IT department to provision the devices that you provide.

Other Hardware

Currently, the Cofactr Warehouse App also supports the following peripherals:

  • Scienscope AXC-800III X-Ray Component Counter

  • LCR Research Pro1 Plus with LCR Research Link1

  • Mitutoyo Digimatic Calipers with Mitutoyo 06ADV380C USB Cable

  • Fujitsu SP-1130Ne Document Scanner

  • Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600 Document Scanner

Support for these hardware peripherals requires individual licenses and implementation support from Cofactr. Please contact [email protected]

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