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12/12/22 Cofactr Release Notes
12/12/22 Cofactr Release Notes
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🏒 Stock Location Updates

Goodbye Addresses! Hello, Locations! The difference between an Address and a Stock Location in the Cofactr platform has always been, well, confusing. We have solved this by mercilessly murdering Addresses and replacing them with some nicely labeled toggles in the New/Edit Stock Location dialog. The rule is simple now: If it is a place where stock goes, then it is a Stock Location. Please don't forget to check the Consumes Stock toggle to make sure that stock lots shipped to each location are tracked in Cofactr the way you want them to be tracked.

πŸ–¨οΈ Label Printing Previews & Customization

Do you often stay up a night wondering exactly how the Cofactr labels on your shipments will look? Sleep soundly with a cute little preview of the exact labels we will print within the Shipment view and Add to Shipment wizard dialog. If you don't like what you see, just reach out! Our Enterprise plan now includes completely customizable label designs. We even support specific label designs, barcode encodings, etc per Stock Location to keep your manufacturing facilities happy.

πŸ›’ Past Sourcing Requests

The New Sourcing Request dialog now shows your Sourcing Request history for that part. This comes in handy for avoiding duplicate requests and picking target prices.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Select your account's timezone by visiting Account > Preferences > General to customize the time of day that recurring alerts such as Watchlist notifications are sent.

  • DNP and Ignore within BOMs have been combined into one handy status indicator to reduce confusion.

  • When viewing an Order at Purchasing > Orders, you can now see and click through to related records, such as Stock Lots created by the order and the BOM that the order is associated with.

  • When viewing a Stock Lot, the Handling Tasks table now includes Shipments that have been requested but not yet shipped.

  • Shipments now have an Estimated Delivery field that automatically updates based on live tracking info from the courier (UPS, FedEx, etc)

  • Loads of bug fixes small and large.

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