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How do I make a RFQ for a part in Cofactr?
How do I make a RFQ for a part in Cofactr?

Sending our an RFQ to a single distributor or letting Cofactr send the RFQ out to multiple distributors on your behalf.

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When a part isn't immediately buyable sending out a request for quote (RFQ) can get pricing from a distributor who doesn't list pricing or will initiate Cofactr's RFQing engine to seek out distributors who might have the part on their shelves.

The fastest and easiest way to submit a RFQ is by searching for a part via the parts search, or by clicking on a part in another section of Cofactr, like the BOM view. Once you are on the part's page, you navigate to the 'Sourcing Requests' page and click 'New Request'. Just fill out the quantity, need by date, target price, and any relevant notes to the sourcing team. This tells Cofactr to proactively reach out to distributors to get numerous RFQs on your behalf.

You can also submit an RFQ for a particular distributor, if you want to buy form a preferred individual distributor. In this case, Cofactr will only bid out to that distributor. Just click on the 'Spot Quote' button to the right of a distributor listing to get a quote. We recommend submitting through a New Sourcing Request for best results.

How do I view responses for RFQs in Cofactr? Or, how do I see quotes on parts in Cofactr?

Once you have submitted a Sourcing Request any responses will show up on the parts page under the 'Sourcing Request' tab. Alternatively, you can view any quotes ever received through any sourcing request via the 'All Quotes' tab. Quotes for any and all parts requested can be viewed in the Purchasing app under 'Part Quotes'.

As seen on the parts page in 'Sourcing Request':

As seen on the parts page in 'All Quotes':

As seen in Purchasing/Part Quotes:

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