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10/26/22 Cofactr Release Notes
10/26/22 Cofactr Release Notes
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πŸ”¬ New Inspection Options

Access an ever-expanding menu of delicious inspection options including X-Ray inspections, microscope imaging, LCR and dimensional measurements, and sophisticated anti-counterfeiting lab reports with our new and improved inspection dialog. Just click the Microscope icon for one or more stock lots to request any or all of these inspections for one or more stock lots.

πŸ€– Stock Handling Automation

Sick of clicking buttons to request handling for your stock lots? Don't do it! Skip the last-minute scramble to have stock lots prepped for production by setting blanket preferences for your account. Based on your chosen settings, stock lots are automatically routed for relevant handling tasks such as MSL reset baking or various inspections.

🏭 BOM Assembly Stats

We've assembled this handy feature just for you! Get all the stats you need for quoting and ordering when working with most contract manufacturers including total/unique placements, SMT vs THT stats, and the smallest passive for each BOM. They're right at the top so you can't miss 'em.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • We've added a new Supply tab to the part info page with handy graphs to help visualize price breaks and lead times.

  • There is now an option to automatically generate required splits in the Add to Shipment dialog so that kits sent to manufacturing only have the exact number of required parts.

  • Having the same part in a BOM multiple times can cause some incorrect outputs when the system is optimizing for inventory usage and procurement. BOMs will now warn you when there are multiple lines with the same part so you can merge them.

  • There is a new option to delete all alts on a given BOM line. Additionally, when changing the part for a BOM line, you will be given the option to remove the alts as well.

  • We used to show lots of handling tasks in Stock Lot Handling Task views relating to our internal moves of stock between locations within the Cofactr facility. These are no longer displayed since they were just confusing.

  • All datagrids (tables) throughout the platform now maintain their configured filtering, sorting, column visibility, etc when you navigate away from the view and return. If you aren't seeing what you expect, make sure you don't have some weird filtering leftover from the last time you looked at that view.

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