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10/5/22 Cofactr Release Notes
10/5/22 Cofactr Release Notes
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πŸš› Orders View

This feature may be long overdue, but you'll never have to guess about overdue orders with the new Orders view. Track supplier orders from the moment you place them through Cofactr to the moment they arrive in your stock.

πŸ“ Stock Lot Notes

This is a noteworthy new feature (pun intended). Within the Stock Lot view, you can now add, edit, and view a user-editable note. This is handy for all sorts of things you might want to record for future reference about a Stock Lot.

πŸ—“ Expected Stock Lots

Some of you have been expecting this feature for a while (pun also intended)! Within the Create Stock Lot Dialog, you can create a Stock Lot with a future delivery date. This is a great way to record parts that you have ordered outside of Cofactr and are expecting to arrive at some point in the future. These Stock Lots will show as Expected stock within Cofactr, and the specified expected delivery date will show up in the Expected Delivery column in Stock Lot tables.

πŸ‘Ž Reject Quotes

Don't like a quote? You tell 'em! Reject any (or all) of the quotes you receive to ensure they don't show up in Price Optimizer results. Suppliers also like knowing when you aren't going to buy from them so rejecting quotes that you definitely aren't going to buy also makes suppliers happy.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • We have added a new column to Stock Lot tables called Created Date that shows the date that the stock lot record was created. This can be useful for tracking down stock that was added to Cofactr during a certain time period.

  • The Purchasing tab within BOMs and Shopping Lists has been slightly redesigned with a cleaner organization of the inputs and some handy charts to make sense of the results at a glance.

  • View all handling requests across all your Stock Lots in the new Inventory>Handling Requests view

  • It is now possible to cancel Split stock lot handling tasks up until the Split actually physically takes place

  • We fixed a bug that caused part numbers in uploaded BOMs that contained special characters (&, #, etc) to fail to match correctly.

  • We have significantly sped up the performance of the Price Optimizer in the BOM and Shopping List Purchase tabs.

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