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9/26/22 Cofactr Release Notes
9/26/22 Cofactr Release Notes
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Improved Part Quotes View

Ask, and you shall receive! At least if you are asking for part quotes. We've made it easier to track all your part quotes in the context of the sourcing request that they are a response to. Part quotes can still be found within the Part Quotes tab in the Purchasing module, but they are now grouped by Sourcing Request. Click the "+" button to reveal all related Part Quotes.

Cofactr, but make it green

We have released a pleasant new color scheme! If you enjoy using the Cofactr platform but wish it were more sylvan, you're in luck. As of today, you can enjoy unified procurement and inventory management but with a new arboreal calm.

Bonded Stock Lot Management

If you manufacture internationally, enjoy avoiding 25% import tariffs, but don't enjoy running afoul of US CPB rules, this feature is for you! We have long offered the ability to purchase parts internationally using a Temporary Import Bond (TIB), but it's been a bit manual to track when those parts need to be re-exported and to plan around the re-export process. You can now toggle on the "Re-Export By" date column anywhere you can view Stock Lots. This column will show you the date by which the Stock Lot must be reexported under the terms of its TIB. We automatically fill it in for you during the import process. Additionally, when a Stock Lot that is covered by a TIB is added to a Shipment, you'll get a handy warning about the additional steps that will be required to close out the bond prior to shipment.

SnapEDA Integration

We're dead serious about integrations at Cofactr, so this feature gets 0% fun description, 100% handy symbols, footprints, & 3D models. Any time you are viewing a part, you can click your way over to the "Documents" tab, and you will find a nice orange SnapEDA widget as long as SnapEDA has the part in their library.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • We have made some big changes to how data is loaded and cached in the platform. Most of these won't be noticeable other than improved responsiveness and slicker loading.

  • Addresses and Stock Locations now properly support international phone numbers.

  • We previously rolled out contextual new-record buttons (the handy "+" buttons next to record-selection dropdowns) for Stock Locations and Shipments. We have now added them for Addresses and Shopping Lists.

  • When viewing the results of the Price Optimizer in the Purchasing tab in BOMs and Shopping Lists, there is a new "Estimated Landed Cost Per Unit" column to go with the existing "Estimated Landed Cost" column.

  • In the BOM Lines view, we helpfully convert your reference designators to a summarized form in the default "Ref Des Summary" column. For example, "R100, R101, R102, R103" would be displayed as "R100-103". We think this makes them easier to read and edit. If you prefer the full, un-shortened version of your reference designators, you can now use the optional "Reference Designators" column instead.

  • The Cofactr platform will parse reference designators and ranges of reference designators to update the BOM line quantity automatically because we like things to be smart. We discovered some edge cases where certain reference designators that involved dashed, underscores, and/or multiple sets of numbers (e.g "R10_1, R10_2, etc) could outsmart this parser. We fixed this.

  • We have made a number of improvements to the Lot Ledger and Inventory Ledger tabs in Inventory.

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