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How do I view my stock in reference to a Bill of Materials (BOM)?
How do I view my stock in reference to a Bill of Materials (BOM)?
View all the parts that are in your inventory in reference to a BOM.
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You can view any inventory of parts that are used in a BOM by navigating to the BOMs app, clicking into a BOM, and then selecting the Inventory tab. An example of what that could look like is below:

Each line in the BOM in the Inventory view will show any On-Hand, Expected, Processing, and Total Inventory parts. For more info on the meaning of those click HERE.

You'll also see the Makable Units, which shows the maximum number of the BOM that could be made as referenced only by each part. So, in the above example we can see that we have enough of the JMK107ABJ106KAHT to make 2200 Gleemote Hubs, but only enough of the EEH-ZC1J680P to make 81 units. Organizing this column by ASC (ascending) will give us a quick glance of how many units we could make total of a BOM with current inventory.

Keep in mind that these numbers don't anticipate Overages for Assembly Attrition. They are a simple mathematical comparison, a division of the total number of parts in inventory by the number needed in the BOM.

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