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How do I manage my parts within Cofactr?
How do I view my stock lots inventory?
How do I view my stock lots inventory?

Viewing all the stock lots that you have.

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You can view all your inventory of your parts from the Inventory/Stock Lots view.

Stock Lots displays your inventory as a list of each individual package of a part you have. So, if you have multiple packages of a single part, those would list as individual lines in the Stock Lots view.

It should look something like this:

You can see in this view that I have six lots of the RC0603FR-0712KL listed.

From the individual stock lot view you'll see listed the part quantity of each stock lot as well as the location of that stock lot, the package type and the Status of the stock lot.

You can view other information on the stock lots by revealing columns via the Columns filter. A complete list of the available columns and their meaning are listed below:

Checkbox Selection, Part, Quantity, Expected Delivery, Location, Package, Date Code, Manufacturer Lot ID, Cofactr Lot ID, Quarantined, MSL, MSL Floor Life and Country of Origin

  • Checkbox Selection is the toggle that allows you to select or multi-select lines for actions.

  • Part is the Manufacturer Part Number and description. This is permanently toggled on.

  • Quantity is the number of individual parts contained in the stock lot.

  • Expected Delivery is the anticipated delivery date of a stock lot that is being delivered to Cofactr from a distributor.

  • Location is the current location of the stock lot.

  • Package is the way that the stock lot is currently packaged.

  • Date Code is the date of manufacture for the stock lot

  • Manufacturer Lot ID is the lot ID assigned by the manufacturer

  • Cofactr Lot ID is the lot assigned by Cofactr

  • Quarantined indicates if the stock lot has been quarantined for reasons such as mechanical or other issue that would suggest the part is not appropriate for manufacturing.

  • MSL is the Moisture Sensitivity Level as defined by the manufacturer. MSL ratings listed below:



Floor Life



Unlimited (30โ„ƒ less than 85%RH)



1 year



4 weeks



168 hours (7 days)



72 hours (3 days)



48 hours (2 days)



24 hours (1 day)



Mandatory Bake before use. (After bake, must be reflowed within the time limit specified on the label)

  • MSL Floor Life is the amount of time left before the part needs to be baked to reset the floor life the the maximum amount.

  • Country of Origin is the nation that the part was manufactured in.

Clicking into a stock lot will take you to an Individual Stock Lot View that looks like this:

From this view you can request a handling request, see any handling tasks that have been completed or need to be completed to the stock lot from the 'Handling Tasks' tab and any changes to the stock lot ledger via the 'Lot Ledger' tab.

You can also submit handling requests from this view. More on handling requests HERE.

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