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8/23/22 Cofactr Release Notes
8/23/22 Cofactr Release Notes
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New Record Buttons

There once was a time when creating a new record (address, stock location, shipment, etc) required clicking your way to the relevant portion of the Cofactr app. That time is no longer. We have added "+" buttons to most dialogs that allow you to create relevant new records on the spot, saving you loads of clicks. Look for this feature when adding stock lots to a shipment and selecting addresses or locations for a shipment. Expect to see this in other spots like Add to Shopping List shortly.

Adding BOM Lines to Shopping Lists

There has always been an "Add To Shopping List" button at the top of the BOM view. When clicked, this adds all the BOM lines to the selected shopping list unless they are marked as DNP or Ignore. "But, wait! What if I only want to add SOME lines to the shopping list?" you might ask. You are no longer destined for disappointment. In the supply tab, you are now able to select any number of BOM lines using the checkboxes and click "Add # Parts To Shopping List". As always, alt parts will automatically be tracked through to the shopping list for you.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • In some instances where the cheapest available unit price for a part was from a supplier with very low stock, the Price Optimizer would produce a recommended sourcing strategy that was a few dollars more expensive than the cheapest possible approach. We would rather you use those few dollars to buy yourself something nice, so we have put a stop to this nonsense.

  • Uploading spreadsheet BOMs was briefly throwing all sorts of sad and confusing errors instead of doing its job. This has been fixed.

  • When viewing a BOM, the Supply tab now has a new column called "Makeable Units" that shows your current "Total Stock" divided by the "Quant" of that BOM line.

  • Password resets weren't working. This was very unfortunate if you needed to reset your password. Now they are. This is better.

  • Here at Cofactr, we're all about saving you clicks, so BOM lines can now be edited from the Supply and Inventory tabs, not just the Lines tab.

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