How does Cofactr Calculate Sourcing Options?

What does generating optimized sourcing options mean?

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When you source through Cofactr for a part or a BOM Cofactr optimizes your purchase by searching through all of our distributors for every possible combination of sourcing and pricing as well as leveraging the purchase of parts from distributors in different combinations to find you the best prices not just on individual parts cut considering shipping, distributor fees, and any customs fees. Cofactr's optimization finds you the best possible landed cost for a single part or across every part in your BOM.

The 'Spot Buy' allows optimized purchasing strategy for a single part and the 'Calculate Sourcing Options' provides optimization across a BOM.

While optimizing a single part will likely only take a couple seconds, for larger BOMs this can take upwards of 1-2 minutes. For example, a 200-line BOM can take about one minute to optimize.

You can always use filters to limit to or exclude individual distributors, use provided filters to filter by certifications, or, at the BOM-level, exclude any inventory from your sourcing.

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