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How do I use Shopping Lists?
How do I create a Shopping List?
How do I create a Shopping List?
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TLDR: Navigate to Purchasing/Shopping Lists. Click "New Shopping List" and follow fill out the fields then click "Save".

All the details:

To create a Shopping List navigate to Purchasing and then Shopping Lists and click into the view of Shopping Lists. If you haven't created a Shopping List before your screen will look like this:

Click the "New Shopping List" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. A modal will pop up that asks you to give the Shopping List a name and a Final Destination Stock Location. A Final Destination Stock Locations is the place the parts will eventually terminate, as in be placed into a product through a manufacturing process or used in some other way where they are no longer tracked as available inventory. For more info on Final Destination Stock Lots click HERE. The modal asking for these things will look like this:

Give the Shopping List any name you want. For this example I'll call the Shopping List "Fall Production". For a Final Destination Stock Location, I'll say Cofactr Warehouse, but it's very likely that for you this will be a manufacturing partner or the facility you manufacture your electronic products in. Once you've named the Shopping List and given it a destination click "Save".

You'll now see a new Shopping List in your view. Like this:

Now we can add parts and BOMs to the Shopping List.

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