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How do I buy parts with Cofactr?
I'd like Cofactr's help in sourcing a part—how do I request this in Cofactr?
I'd like Cofactr's help in sourcing a part—how do I request this in Cofactr?
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A "New Sourcing Request" is a request to Cofactr to find a part that is in limited supply. This is Cofactr's model for brokerage, which initiates a series of outbound request for quotes from distributors who do not make their data readily available. These distributors range from tier 2 distributors all the way into the gray market.

A "New Sourcing Request" requires you to enter the quantity of parts you're looking to purchase, the Need By Date of your organization for those parts, the Target Maximum Price per Part, and any other relevant Notes for Sourcing Agent that might be relevant or important when Cofactr is attempting to source the part. Let's look at a Sourcing Request for an ADS7128IRTET.

If we're looking to procure 100 of this part, a need buy date of September 9th, at a target price of $5 the information would be filled out and then we'd click "Submit". Once we click "Submit" you'll see a "Sourcing Request Submitted" notification pop up.

Cofactr will now send the request for quote to distributors and update you with all relevant quotes in Purchasing/Parts Quotes or will list as a purchase option in the Part view of the corresponding part in the "Purchasing" tab under the "Sourcing Request" sub-tab. The part level listing looks like this:

Once the request has received a response from a distributor it will appear in Purchasing/Parts Quotes listing as Valid in the case that the quote has returned a buyable options or No Bid in the case that a distributor did not bid on the part. That will look like this:

This part will now be included as a buyable in any price optimization as well as be directly purchasable through the Part Quote page and through the individual parts page under the Purchasing/Quotes tab.

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