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Where does Cofactr get distributor data?
Where does Cofactr get distributor data?
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Distributor data is most useful and displayed when you're searching for a part, looking into general availability of a part or parts across a BOM, or when you're planning production into the future and want to reference your available stock (across location like manufacturing partners, Cofactr warehousing, and at your facility) vs available stock from distributors so you can strategically plan purchasing and inventory management.

Cofactr shows you distributor data aggregated from across the web including data from distributor APIs, semiconductor manufacturing companies, other sourcing aggregators, and scraped data from other various additional distributors who don't provide APIs. That data is then cleaned and presented as the most accurate representation possible of parts availability possible.

The cleaning data cleaning process includes unifying any redundant data. For example some stock is reported across multiple sources. When you're planning for the production needs of your product seeing stock of 2,200 parts listed from three sources (totaling 6,600 parts) isn't helpful if there are only a total of 2,200 parts on shelves ready to buy.

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