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What does buyable, quotable, and maybe available stock mean?
What does buyable, quotable, and maybe available stock mean?
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Categories of Stock: These grades also play into the way we categorize the likeliness of getting a part at different volumes. We list supply chain data on available stock in 3 categories: Buyable Stock, Quotable Stock, and Maybe Available Stock.

  • Buyable Stock: These are parts that are currently purchasable with listed pricing from distributors who are very reliable in their representation of data and are either authorized to sell the part or are parts quality verified.

  • Quotable Stock: These are parts which require a request for quote from you but are, in our experience, majority reliable in their posting of data and part quality.

  • Maybe Available Stock: There are parts which are listed by distributors who we have seen to frequently list inaccurate data or may deliver the wrong parts or parts with issues.

Here is an example of how differently categorized stock appear in the platform:

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