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Inventory Management with Cofactr
Creating and scheduling a shipment from Cofactr?
Creating and scheduling a shipment from Cofactr?
Creating a new shipment and scheduling the shipment.
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Creating and scheduling shipments in Cofactr is done through a single process in the Inventory app in the Shipments section. This is done through the "New Shipment" located in the upper right hand corner of the page as seen here:

Clicking on the button opens a new dialogue box that looks like this:

You can create a shipment as a "Location Transfer" or to an "Address"

Shipping as a Location Transfer or to an Address

In Cofactr Locations are places where Cofactr continues to track inventory and Addresses are considered terminal locations for parts, so they are presumed to be consumed at arrival. If you ship to a Location the inventory of any connected stock lots will be maintained. If you ship to an address the inventory of the stock lots attached to the shipments will be zeroed out. In either case, if parts are returned to Cofactr the parts will be X-Ray counted and the inventory will be reconciled to accurate levels.

For this example we'll set up a Location Transfer.

The definition of each field is:

Ship From

Where the stock lots will be packed and shipped from

Ship To

Where the stock lots will arrive after being shipped

Shipping Method

The service used to ship the materials. Note that if you have shipping account entered with Cofactr it will be used for the coresponding shipment. If you don't have shipping account info entered with Cofactr, we'll bill you for the shipment on your net terms.

Ship By Deadline

The scheduled day the shipment will go out. This is for reference purposes and will not initiate a shipment on the dat. You must click the 'Paper Airplane' action button in the upper right corner of a shipment to initiate the shipment.

Notification Email(s)

All the email addresses who will get notificaitons from the shipment. This should include the recipient of the shipment as well as anyone else you want to get updates on the shipment.

Send a partial shipment by the specified dealdline if only some parts are available to ship toggle

This will indicate that a partial shipment is acceptable if all the parts in the shipment are not available to ship at the time of the shipment.


This will show up on the packing label as well as lets you identify the shipment from other places in Cofactr. You might want to include the purpose of the shipment or other useful information like "Product X and additional parts for testing".

For Ship From and Ship To you can use the "+"button to create a new location or address.

Once you fill out the fields your New Shipment dialogue should look something like this:

Click "Save" to create and schedule the empty shipment.

You can now add parts or BOMs to the Shipment from the Parts or BOMs pages.

NOTE that shipments are not initiated until you click the paper airplane icon in the top right corner of a shipment as seen here:

Once you click the 'Paper Airplane' icon Cofactr will begin packing the shipment and assure that it gets out before the Ship Deadline. If the ship deadline is today or in the past Cofactr will do its best to get the shipment out, but we only guarantee shipments inside of the agreed upon MSA.

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