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What is included in Cofactr's Refund Guarantee and Anti-Counterfeiting processes?
What is included in Cofactr's Refund Guarantee and Anti-Counterfeiting processes?
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Cofactr brokerage anti-counterfeiting includes random sample or 100% optical and X-Ray inspection of purchased components depending on supplier risk profile against a known good (when available - highly recommended) and Refund Guarantee covering the full cost of the parts in the circumstance where the parts are not delivered or fail inspection.

Refund Guarantee & anti-counterfeiting package added to non-authorized distributors is calculated based on our technical part data and supplier risk profile and typically starts at around 15% of the cost of the parts.

Cofactr Anti-Counterfeiting includes both optical inspection and multi-axis X-ray inspection against a known good part, when provided by the customer. If a known good part is not available Cofactr will still optically and X-ray inspect parts for issues including:

  • Inconsistencies in component silkscreen

  • Re-marking or damage to casing

  • Desoldering evidence on leads or casing

  • Fractures or other physical issue with wire bonding

  • Absence of die inside casing

  • Inconsistency of part geometry

In the last year we have seen a rise in counterfeit products sold through gray market channels. Cofactr follows inspections aligned with AS6081 standard when performing anti-counterfeiting measures and provides customers the opportunity to automate inspection of up to 100% of stock.

The pricing for anti-counterfeiting is automatically calculated based on the type of part and number of parts to be inspected. The modeling of this pricing is designed to be highly cost competitive with dedicated anti-counterfeiting labs.

We include this fee to dramatically mitigate risk to our customers during an inherently high-risk purchase.

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