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How do I buy parts with Cofactr?
I know which part I want to buy—how do I search for a part in Cofactr?
I know which part I want to buy—how do I search for a part in Cofactr?

A guide to searching for parts and an overview of a parts view.

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Once you're logged into Cofactr you'll land on your Dashboard view. This shows a collection of the individual Cofactr apps. You'll see "Part Search" as an option. Click on this to open your Part Search tool.

You should see this:

In the "Search Parts" field, you can search by a partial MPN (Manufacturer Part Number), a complete MPN, or type in a subfamily of parts to search more generally.

Once you've entered your preferred search content into the "Search Parts" field you can hit 'return' or 'enter' on your keyboard or click the arrow on the right of the "Search Parts" bar to start your search.

Once you search for a part you'll see every source for the part, or a summary of the kind of part you're looking for.

For example, if you search "attiny" you'll see a collection of available attiny products.

If you search a specific MPN (like ATTINY12L-4PU) you'll see listing for that part, aggregated by Cofactr to be the most accurate possible.

If you enter a partial MPN or a slightly incorrect MPN Cofactr will do its best to match your entered data to the appropriate part. For example, here is the list of results for a search of "ATTINY12L":

Select the listing that most accurately represents what you're looking for and you'll see global supply chain information, documents, specifications, and contextual information on if that part is in any existing BOMs or your inventory, if you have existing quotes out for that part, or if you have any sourcing requests open on that part.

You can buy the part directly, add the part to a shopping list for future purchase, or add the part to an existing BOM for your account.

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