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What is a user and what are permission levels?
What is a user and what are permission levels?
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The first thing you'll want to do with Cofactr is make sure all your team members have access to the platform. Cofactr offers robust permissions so users get access to the information they need when they need it, wether that means full access to bills of material, purchasing, and shipping, or any part of those features.

Your users can be internal team members or external partners. Each user can have access to any part of the platform or limited access based on their role. For example an external Contract Manufacturing partner probably shouldn't be able to edit a Bill of Materials.

To create a new user log into Cofactr and navigate to the Account tab in the navigation and then select Users. Then click on 'Add User' in the upper right hand corner of the platform.

You'll be prompted to add the user information including their email, first name, last name, title, and then their permission level.

You'll have various options for the level of permission. They include:

Permission Level



Full access to the whole Cofactr platform for viewing, editing, and buying as well as the ability to create and delete users.

Full Access

Full access to the whole Cofactr platform for viewing, editing, and buying.

Read Access

Full read access to Cofactr, giving access to view all information but not to edit or purchase.

Full Parts

Ability to view all parts

Read Parts

Ability to view all parts

Full Boms

Ability to view and edit BOMs

Read Boms

Ability to view BOMs

Full Purchasing

Ability to purchase Shopping Lists

Read Purchasing

Ability to view Shopping Lists

Full Inventory

Ability to view and request handling of inventory

Read Inventory

Ability to view inventory

Permissions can be granted as groups, for example a user could have access to 'Full Purchasing' meaning they can purchase anything in the platform combined with 'Read Boms' so that user can also view and BOMs that are in the platform.

Once you have selected the level of permissions you want to give the user, click 'Save' and the user will receive an email inviting them to join Cofactr.

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