What is Cofactr?

Use Cofactr to destress your electronics supply chain

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With Cofactr you can easily source, purchase, and manage your electronic components. Cofactr helps you, the OEM, and your manufacturing partner by providing all the support you need around your electronic parts.

Electrical engineers and sourcing teams need a place they can share bills of material, compare quotes, purchase the parts they need, plan for future production, and physically manage their parts. Cofactr can fill in all those gaps and more.

With Cofactr you can upload a whole bill of materials or search a single component. Availability from hundreds of distributors is shown and teams can purchase across all those distributors with a single click.

With Cofactr's Price Optimization an entire product's parts are referenced against every available distributor, including tariffs and shipping costs. This means that you're getting the best price on any available parts.

If parts are hard to find, tag in Cofactr's New Sourcing Request. We'll search through our network of more boutique distributors to find the parts that the tier-1 distributors might not have. Once quotes are returned Cofactr will make them transparently available and if you purchase through Cofactr you'll have Refund Guarantee and Cofactr Anti-Counterfeiting to dramatically lower the risk of the purchase.

You can plan for the future with tools in Cofactr, so the parts you have and the parts you'll need today, tomorrow, and well into the future, are all on track to landing with your manufacturer on time.

And finally, Cofactr can provide all the physical logistics support for your parts. Cofactr offers ANSI 9001 climate controlled storage, lot management, pre-kitting for manufacturers, and a lot more.

With Cofactr you can:

  • Search for parts you need and view distributor pricing in real time

  • Upload a whole Bill of Materials and view purchasing options for an entire product

  • Purchase from multiple distributors with just one click

  • Keep up to date inventory of all your parts across multiple locations

  • Store all your electronic parts safely and securely

  • Manage your electronic parts with services like reeling, lot splitting, MSL resets, anti-counterfeiting measures, and a whole lot more

  • Plan for future production, with info on the parts you have, the parts you need, and the implication of each part on your production.

  • And more :)

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